Dear collectors.

In this online internet philatelic magazine you can buy current and official philatelic products  Donetsk People Republic and Luhansk People Republic.All product is original.Working individual systems discount-"the more you buy, the less then you pay per item".Payment and Delivery solved individually according to which State shold be sent.All the questions write on e-mail pazefila@yandex.ua

Online stamps catalog of DPR and LPR is here.

mini-glossary of terms,the use of in-magazine:

ДНР-Donetsk People Republic

ЛНР-Luhansk People Republic
Новости почта ДНР и ЛНР-Posts DPR and LPR news


Личный кабинет-your personal site

Первая марка ДНР-first stamp of  DPR

КПД-FDC(first day cover)

ХМК-envelope with original stamps


оформить заказ-checkout